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Alan Mackay-Sim's Remarkable Journey

Thu 19, Jan 2017

Emeritus Professor Alan Mackay-Sim has been called a pioneer of neural regeneration, a trailblazer in stem cell rehabilitation science who has left an impressive international legacy that should ultimately see more people walk again.

Alan has been recognised as the 2017 Queensland Australian of the Year. A global authority on the biology of nasal cells, Professor Alan Mackay-Sim led the world’s first clinical trial using these cells in the treatment of spinal cord injury. His research played a central role in the world’s first successful restoration of mobility in a quadriplegic man, and has given hope to thousands of Australians with spinal cord injuries.

Since Griffith University's Phase I trial, the work has continued and expanded with a new generation of scientists let by Dr James St John. To learn more about the plans for a Phase IIa clinical trial please contact us at or download a document outlining our plans here.

To support this vital research, please consider making a donation to help find a cure for paralysis for all or get in touch today - there are many ways you can support and make a cure a reality.


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