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Ocean Baths in the Spotlight

Fri 27, Jan 2017


Perry has been featured in the media nationally in the last few weeks for his involvement in the recently launched Ocean Baths Gold Coast Group. The group has launched an online petition calling for community pools to be built along the Gold Coast's coastline to provide a safe saltwater swimming option for the likes of the disabled, elderly and young families.

The Ocean Baths Gold Coast Group believes, with the endorsement of wave engineers and surfers, ocean pools could be established at locations such as the Spit, Miami, Burleigh, Currumbin and Rainbow Bay (similar to Bondi's ocean pool, pictured).

“In a city like ours, it’s vital we provide safe options for swimming at our beaches and that’s why we’re pushing for council and the State Government to pick up the idea,” said Perry.

“There are dozens of ocean pools along the New South Wales coastline but the sad reality is we don’t have any in Queensland. They not only provide a safe option for the likes of myself and others to experience the ocean, but help with beach erosion when placed in the right locations.

“I recall vividly, as a teenager, running down the beach and being able to swim freely at our Queensland beaches.

“But people with disabilities like me and many others can’t enjoy the Queensland coast … I’m determined for all people to not miss out on the amazing quality of life unique to Australia."

To show your support for the Gold Coast Ocean Baths, jump over and sign the petition here:



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