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Liam's shares his story

Tue 28, Feb 2017

Liam Downes was 34 years old when he suffered a spinal cord injury. The Cairns local and father of two young boys (who were 2 years and 6 months old at the time), was renovating the family home when he slipped and fell three metres from a balcony. 

Liam was diagnosed as a 'complete tetraplegic', losing the use of all four of his limbs and torso. He had broken two vertebrae in his neck, suffered spinal cord and possible brain damage with doctors saying he may never breathe on his own again.  Through determination, bravery and dedication, Liam has experienced outstanding improvements, breathing without any assistance and muscle flickers returning to his left side.

His progress has amazed his family and doctors alike. Liam and his wife Meaghan (pictured) recently joined the Foundation at the Gala Dinner and shared this special presentation on their journey. For more on Liam's story, visit his personal website.

Please consider supporting a cure for spinal cord injury by making a donation to the Perry Cross Spinal Research Foundation today by clicking the donate button at the top of the page or contact us to discuss other ways you might be able to support. 


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