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What I miss most about Summer...

More than 12,000 Australians are currently living with a spinal cord injury. Many of these injuries were caused by motor vehicle accidents, sports and recreational activities. The number of incidents of spinal cord injury increase during the summer wamers months as more people venture outside to enjoy the weather!

This year, we encourage you to play it safe this Summer.

Here's what some of our #SIPsummersafety supporters miss most about Summer......


Perry Cross playing cricket  

 1. Perry Cross was injured playing Rugby Union at 19 years of age. A C2 ventilated quadriplegic, Perry is the Founder and President of the Perry Cross Spinal Reserach Foundation - which has one main aim - to cure paralysis for all. 


2. Sam Bloom was injured 5 years ago while holidaying in Thailand. Sam fell and sustained a spinal cord injury when she leaned against a loose balcony railing at a beach resort. Sam recently returned to the surf and rode her first wave with the help of her son Noah, husband Cameron and surfing legend Tom Carroll. 


3.  At the age of 18, Tim McCallum was well on his way to commencing a successful career in the music & theatre industry when a diving accident changed his life forever and potentially shattering his dreams of treading the boards ever again. After breaking his neck, leaving him a quadriplegic, doctors and specialists told him that he would never sing again the way he used to. But his resilient character and extraordinary spirit have touched the hearts of the arts community, as they have watched him defy the odds, rehabilitate and return to the stage to continue his performing career.



 4. Dinesh Palipana was involved a motor vehicle accident in 2010. The accident caused a cervical spinal cord injury at C6, resulting in quadriplegia. He became the second graduating medical student with quadriplegia in Australia, with a number of awards. He was the first medical intern with quadriplegia in Queensland.