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Nathan Handley

"It's the simple things that I used to take for granted that I miss the most"

Article ImageNathan is a SIP Week supporter and a volunteer presenter who speaks to schools and community groups about his journey and the importance of taking a couple of seconds to make a situation safer.

Nathan hopes his efforts to educate people about spinal injury will save others from making life changing mistakes and his support of SIP Week will one day mean a cure for spinal injuries. Nathan says finding a cure would be life changing and would mean he could once again live an active lifestyle and enjoy the simple things...

"I was injured 7 years ago while riding on a BMX with a mate. I went over the handlebars, did a front flip in the air and landed on my neck, instantly fracturing my c6 and c7 vertebrates.

I made the silly mistake of sitting up and trying to move around. After the accident I was rushed to hospital and spent four months, and my 18th birthday, in hospital.    

As an active seventeen year old I always took risks and never imagined something like this could happen, so it took me a while to really understand what I’d done to myself. It is possible to find a cure – but we need help. A cure would be life changing to countless people.

It’s the simple things that I used to take for granted that I miss the most. Even if I couldn’t walk, just being able to run again would be amazing."

Nathan is taking the SIP Week Challenge from the 8th - 14th November to help raise funds to support spinal cord injury research at Griffith Universty.