Meet the SIP Team – Dr Ronak Reshamwala

Ronak Labcoat

Dr Ronak Reshamwala is a man with a plan! His role in the project is to drastically improve approaches to spinal cord surgery and find unique and innovative methods behind managing patients on their road to recovery.

1) Name / where you’re from?

Dr Ronak Reshamwala, MBBS, Master in Medical Science and Technology. I’m from India.

2) Current role within the Spinal Injury Project?

As a PhD candidate with the project, my work focuses on finding and improving the surgical approaches to the repair and regeneration of an injured spinal cord and objectively measure and assess the effectiveness of these techniques in terms of functional and behavioural improvements.

3) What outcomes are you hoping to achieve with your particular role?

I am aiming to establish a robust transplantation protocol to achieve better cell survival and integration in the injury site which would lead to better functional improvement following the treatment.

4) What’s a day ‘on the job’ look like for you?

My days can be quite varied. Some days are spent in meetings, where we troubleshoot and develop new techniques with the team, to days spent entirely in the laboratory.

5) What keeps you inspired with your work?

Most importantly, the bigger picture. Seeing people living with spinal cord injury and how my work can improve their lives keeps me going.

6) What are you most excited about working on the SIP?

The best part about this project is that it is an outcome oriented research project. We are not doing science just for the sake of science, we are searching for real solutions for real people with real problems!

Pictured:Dr Ronak Reshamwala in scrubs prepared for surgery.

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