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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is SIP Week?

SIP Week encourages individuals, friends, workplaces, schools, clubs, sporting teams... EVERYONE to join together and drink every drink, for one week, through a straw – the way many quadriplegics, like Perry Cross, must every day. Put simply, SIP for a week and support a cure for spinal cord injuries. You don't need to run a marathon, just drink through a straw for one week, and help find a cure for paralysis.

2. When is SIP Week?

This year SIP Week 2017 will run from the 5th - 11th September during Spinal Cord Injuries Awareness Week #sciaw

3. What do I have to do as a SIPPER?

There are three easy steps to being a SIPPER:

  • Step one: SIPPERS register online at and agree to take the SIP Week challenge to drink every beverage you consume through a straw for one week.
  • Step two:  Press "START FUNDRAISING" to set up your personal SIPPER page. SIPPERS pledge to fundraise for Perry Cross Spinal Research Foundation, spreading the message about why they are drinking their beverage of choice through a straw for one week!
  • Step three:  SIPPERS ask their friends, family, workmates and more to donate to their week of sipping for a cure. The highest fundraiser will be awarded with the coveted Golden SIPPER Cup.

4.. Why a straw? Why sipping?

Perry Cross, our founder is a ventilated quadriplegic, Perry cannot use his arms or hands and has to drink all of his beverages using a straw. Perry invites you to do the same to get a small insight into one of the many things able bodied people take for granted and in turn help raise money and awareness for a cure for paralysis. 

5. Other than becoming a SIPPER, what else can I do to help?

6. But first, let's take a #SIPselfie

Please help the SIP Week campaign go viral and take a #SIPselfie!  It is fun and easy!

  • Step one: Take a #SIPselfie (of you sipping of course)
  • Step two: Make a Donation and leave us a message about why you are 'SIPPORTING' SIP Week.
  • Step three: nominate three friends to do the same
  • Step four: Post your #SIPselfie onto Facebook, Twitter or Instragram using hashtags #SIPweek and #SIPselfie – there is a prize for the most unique selfie!

7. What is quadriplegia?

Quadriplegia is the paralysis of four limbs and torso.  The loss is usually sensory and motor, which means both sensation and control are lost. Quadriplegia is caused by damage to the brain or the spinal cord at a high level C1 - C7 vertebra.

8. Where does the money raised go?

Perry Cross Spinal Research Foundation (PCSRF) funds critical research that improves through-life support and achieves the best health and lifestyle outcomes to people throughout the world affected by paralysis to regain movement and control of their lives.  PCSRF also actively promotes prevention and awareness messages to the wider community.

PCSRF recognises that finding a cure for paralysis is an international challenge that can only be solved when this global community come together, and therefore works to unite world-wide research centres, advocates, specialists, not for profit organisations, service providers and leading medical specialists on our common cause to collaborate to find a cure.

9. Who is the most likely to sustain a spinal cord injury?

The impacts of spinal cord injury are usually life-long and devastating.  Statistically young men in the prime of their life are most likely to sustain a spinal cord injury, being four times more likely to sustain spinal cord injuries than women.

10. What are the research projects you are currently funding?

Whilst the Perry Cross Spinal Research Foundation has been active for four years, it has formed an international network of relationships and partnerships across the world, and undertake a broad range of research activities and projects.

The Foundation has recently funded research projects at Griffith University and Bond University. You can learn more about theses exciting projects by visiting our Research page.

11. How can I get myself a Perry Cross SIP Week straw?

Sign up to become a SIPPER and you will be sent a SIP pack with straws to get you through SIP Week. You can also order extra re-useable SIP Week stainless steel straws at the Foundation's online shop by clicking here.

12. Is there a cure for spinal cord injury?

There is no known cure for a spinal cord injury causing paralysis.... yet, but we believe it is a matter of ‘when’, not ‘if’, a cure is discovered. A recent breakthrough in Poland where a paralysed man walked again is directly linked to our research team at Griffith University, where work with specialised Olfactory Ensheating Cells is showing promising results. You can read more about the clinical trial PCSRF is helping to fund by downloading the Project Document on our Research section of our website.

13. How did Perry become a quadriplegic?

Perry Cross was just 19 years young when his life was devastatingly changed forever. A tragic rugby accident left him C2 ventilated quadriplegic, requiring constant life support.  Perry has to drink every one of his beverages using a straw and he invites you to do the same for just one week by joining the Spinal Injury Project – SIP week in 2016.

13. How is Perry Cross Spinal Research Foundation different from other charities?

Whilst there are many not for profit organisations, companies, Universities, scientists and researchers around the world with a similar goal, few work together to unite intelligence and action. This is where Perry Cross Spinal Research Foundation is different. PCSRF aims to understand gaps and either facilitate or provide support and services that are needed.

14. How many people are affected in Australia by spinal cord injury?

More than 12,000 Australians are living with a spinal cord injury, there are an additional 300 to 400 new cases each year.  Fifty percent of all spinal cord injury cases in Australia result in quadriplegia.

15. I am in, I am going to become a SIPPER – what next?

Visit, register and start fundraising! You will find our top ten tips to sip online to help get you started!

For more information please contact us at