Donate today and change the lives of people impacted by a spinal cord injury.

What if the ability to repair a spinal cord injury became a reality? We are on the cusp of making this happen with a world-first Cell Transplantation and Rehabilitation Human Clinical Trial. 
Please make a tax-deductible donation today to change the lives of the tens of thousands of people in Australia and millions across the globe, who live every day with the challenges of paralysis. 

Every day, one Australian suffers a spinal cord injury.

A spinal cord injury (SCI) can happen to anyone at any time.
The injury can result in paralysis and it can mean living the rest of your life reliant on a wheelchair. It is not just about the terrible restriction of being confined to a wheelchair, there is also the loss of independence and freedom and increased isolation. Essentially, having a spinal injury is life altering with huge ramifications as a result.

Meet Joy

Joy is a dedicated mum to three beautiful children who fell from her horse on Christmas Eve and landed on her back. She became a paraplegic in that moment.

She remembers waking up on the ground with ambulance officers working over her and her terrified family telling her the helicopter would arrive soon.

Your generous support today gives hope of a cure to mothers like Joy.

This is our moment to make history and
we need your help.

In partnership with The Spinal Injury Project at Griffith University Gold Coast, we are now ready to commence a world-first Cell Transplantation and Rehabilitation Human Clinical Trial.

The incredible project team is a leading group of research specialists including bioengineers, medical doctors, biological scientists and educators working together to develop this breakthrough treatment.

Put simply, this treatment involves the transplantation of the patient’s own olfactory cells from the nose into the spinal cord. Central to the success of this treatment is intensive rehabilitation that takes place before and after the cell transplantation.

Please watch this short video to learn more about how your donation will support spinal cord injury research.

Why give monthly?


Invest in medical history

Your monthly donation allows us to focus on long-term research projects with the ultimate goal of getting to a human clinical trial and finding a cure for paralysis.

Join a community and change a life

Have you ever wanted to be a part of something bigger than yourself? Join the army that gives regularly and become part of a community that is making a difference.

Make a long-term Impact

Your support will help us to build a sustainable income and keep administration costs low while we fund ground-breaking research to find a cure for paralysis.

How will your investment have an impact?

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Your donation of $15 a month enables our researchers to buy essential chemicals for their ground-breaking laboratory tests.

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Your donation of $30 a month allows our researchers to purchase new specialist components that may make the next big advancement.

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Your donation of $50 a month will support the purchase of equipment needed to improve the production of nerve bridges.

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Your donation of $100 a month will cover the laboratory expenses of a PhD student for a month – it is the bright minds of PhD students that may lead to the next big breakthrough.

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Your donation of $200 a month will help our senior researchers to drive the current research to our goal of a clinical trial.

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A legacy gift to the Perry Cross Spinal Research Foundation will help us continue the journey to discover a cure for paralysis and its many complexities.

You can help people across the world to walk again. We can’t thank you enough for considering us.

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