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Griffith University Research Project:

Spinal Injury Project - Cleaning up the injury site

PCSRF funding: 2018 - 2021

In May 2018 the Perry Cross Spinal Research Foundation has announced it will be providing an additional $150,000 per year in funding, for the next three years, to Griffith University’s Spinal Injury Project, based on the Gold Coast.

The funds will be going towards a specific project within the research program, which has been groundbreaking in the team’s efforts so far. The project, which is being managed by Associate Professors Jenny Ekberg, James St John and Rohan Davis, is about analysing how cells isolated from the nose – known as olfactory ensheathing cells (OECs) – can clean up the ‘debris’ and bacteria that surrounds them. 

Up until now, the Spinal Injury Project has been focused around using the cells to create a 3D bio-degradable nerve cell bridge that can be transplanted to repair injured spinal cords.  This ‘cleaning’ function of the cells would mean that scientists would have the ability to clean up the ‘site’ around the injured spinal cord, and then repair it. 

What is not known to date is exactly how the cells clean up their environment. That is, how the cells can find and degrade bacteria and debris.  The recent funding boost will go towards understanding the cellular and molecular mechanisms of how the cells ‘clean up’, so that scientists can then work out how to specifically stimulate the function when needed. 

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Recent News - Dr Anu Chacko joins Assoc Professor Jenny Ekberg's team.

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