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Dr Dinesh Palipana

PCSRF Scientific Committee - Member

Dr. Dinesh Palipana is a resident at the Gold Coast University Hospital. Dinesh has spinal cord injury at C6/7 from a motor vehicle accident. As a result, he has a longstanding passion and interest in spinal cord injury research. He earned a Bachelor of Laws (LLB), prior to completing his Doctor of Medicine (MD) at the Griffith University.

He has completed an Advanced Clerkship in Radiology at the Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital. Dinesh was the second medical graduate with quadriplegia in Australia, and the first quadriplegic medical intern in Queensland. He has been an advocate for supporting medical students with disabilities, and is one of four founding members of Doctors with Disabilities Australia.

Dinesh holds the title of Associate Lecturer at the Griffith University. He was the Gold Coast University Hospital’s representative in the Australian Medical Association Queensland’s Council of Doctors in Training in 2017.

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