Intensive Rehabilitation Trial Two – Prehabilitation

The upcoming full cell transplantation clinical trial will involve rehabilitation both before and after the cell transplantation. The first rehabilitation trial which was completed in 2022 tested the rehabilitation program that will be used after the cell transplantation. This second clinical trial was a follow-up trial to the first rehabilitation feasibility trial and tested the […]


$5.7M funding injection from MAIC

The Motor Accident Insurance Commission of Queensland (MAIC) extended the support of the Spinal Injury Project at Griffith University thanks to the encouraging research outcomes. This shows how philanthropy, universities and government can effectively work together to generate positive impact for the community. This new funding enabled the research team to fast-track the development of […]


$5.1M funding injection from MAIC (Motor Accident Insurance Commission)

In 2016, with the lobbying of the Perry Cross Spinal Research Foundation, the Motor Accident Insurance Commission donated $5.1M to support the Spinal Injury Project team at Griffith University. This funding supported the SIP team for three years. The Motor Accident Insurance Commission strongly supported the development of the olfactory cell transplantation therapy. This investment […]


Olfactory Cell Transplantation to Repair Spinal Cord Injury Project

This project brings together the key aspects of the previously funded PCSRF projects to test how stimulating olfactory ensheathing cells can improve functional outcomes in preclinical models of spinal cord injury. The transplantation of olfactory ensheathing cells in previous clinical trials had been performed using micro-injections of cells into the health spinal cord surrounding the […]


Intensive Rehabilitation Trial One

The Intensive Rehabilitation Trial (Rehabilitation Trial 1) funded by PCSRF was conducted in 2021. This clinical trial was needed to determine whether an intensive program of rehabilitation was suitable for people living with chronic spinal cord injury. As rehabilitation is an essential part of the overall cell transplantation therapy, it is important that the rehabilitation […]


Nerve Bridge Project – Spinal Injury Project

In September 2019 the Perry Cross Spinal Research Foundation funded an additional $86,666 to Griffith University’s  Spinal Injury Project. The funds supported the development of a new generation of nerve bridges to repair the injured spinal cord. Thanks to previous PCSRF and MAIC funding, the Spinal Injury Project team recently developed a new technology to […]


Repairing the Injured Spinal Cord with Olfactory Glia Transplantation

In 2019, PCSRF was proud to provide a funding grant of $28,000 for PhD student Matt Barker for the project “Repairing the injured spinal cord with Olfactory Glia Transplantation” as part of the Spinal Injury Project at Griffith University. Matthew Barker was a mature age student who graduated from Griffith University majoring in Structural Biology […]


PhD Rebecca Yao – Nasal Biopsy Research

Rebecca Yao commenced her PhD in 2015 with the aim of her project to determine new methods to purify olfactory cells useful for transplantation to repair the injured spinal cord. While olfactory cells have been shown to partially regenerate the injured spinal cord, improvements in the therapy outcomes can be achieved by if higher quality […]


Manipulating the selective activation of olfactory ensheathing cells for the repair of injured spinal cord

In 2015 PCSRF funded this exciting project at the Griffith Institute for Drug Discovery (GRIDD), Griffith University under the supervision of project leader Professor James St John. A recent international trial had shown that olfactory glia could restore some function in paralysed humans. These specialised cells found in the nose, have great potential for repairing the spinal […]


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