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Spinal Cord injury

Everyday in Australia, through spinal cord injury, one life is changed forever

There are approximately 12,000 recorded cases of spinal cord injury in Australia, and each year there are 300-400 new cases.

Quadriplegia, paralysis of all four limbs, occurs in 50% of all these cases.

The impacts of spinal cord injury are usually life-long and devastating. Young men in the prime of their life are most likely to sustain a spinal cord injury, being four times more likely to sustain spinal cord injuries than women.

The economic burden to Australian society of every spinal cord injury is significant. The estimated lifetime cost per incidence of quadriplegia is $9.5 million. The total annual cost of spinal cord injury in Australia is estimated to be $2 billion.

There is no known cure for a spinal cord injury. Costs are borne for a lifetime.

To learn more please download the Paralysis Resource Guide that is produced by the Reeve Foundation - click here.