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Magic Mobility – All-Terrain Powerchairs

Thu 02, Feb 2017

Anything is Possible in the Right Wheelchair !

PCSRF is pleased to announce its newest sponsor - Magic Mobility – an Australian designer and manufacturer of go anywhere, all-terrain powerchairs.

Like PCSRF, Magic Mobility share a deep belief in the right for every person to be able to push boundaries, to go where they want and to live the life they choose. Magic Mobility firmly believes that anything is possible in the right wheelchair, and endorses the Perry Cross conviction that a united and multi-faceted model is needed to bring people together to help find a cure for paralysis.

“Magic Mobility is delighted to be able to sponsor Perry’s work,” said Jill Barnett, General Manager of Magic Mobility. “We truly believe in empowering our clients and their families and this is strongly aligned to Perry’s ethos. Once Perry gets his new Extreme X8, we know that this will further open up his outdoor world, support his fundraising activities and enable him to spend time at the beach with his family.”

Have you tried an Extreme X8 yourself, yet? Maybe it’s time. Click here try a powerchair in your local area.

Click here to view the Extreme X8 video. 




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