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Spinal Life Australia

Thu 17, Nov 2016

The PCSRF is pleased to announce its latest sponsor, Spinal Life Australia. Spinal Life is one of Queensland’s leading providers of advocacy, therapy and support for people with spinal cord injuries. The organisation provides high quality support so its clients can live independently at home, maintain their personal and social networks and a more engaged life. Spinal Life also uses its expertise in spinal cord injuries to support people with a range of physical disabilities and injuries.

Spinal Life Australia has donated $40,000 over a 12 month period to the PCSRF.

"Research into finding a cure for paralysis is a key area of interest to us all and we recognise that it will take time, money and dedication to eventually find it," says Spinal Life Australia’s Chairman, Alan Ashford.

“We look forward to supporting Perry’s vision and strengthening our ties with the Foundation.”

(Pictured from left, Michael Powell - CEO Spinal Life, Alan Ashford - Chairman Spinal Life, Perry Cross & Tom Ray - PCSRF Chairman)


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