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A Cure for Spinal Injury Inches Closer

Thu 16, Mar 2017

An update on the Olfactory Cell Transplantation Project 

The team from the Griffith Institute for Drug Discovery has started the next phase of the human nasal biopsies trial, allowing scientists to optimise the cells that are planned to be taken to human trial in the coming years.

In the photo to the right you can see real, live human olfactory ensheathing cells. These are cells that have been collected by Australian of the Year, Professor Alan Mackay-Sim, and frozen for years.

The current team of scientists leading the OCT, Dr James St John and Dr Brent McMonagle, have overseen the process of bringing the cells back to life and are now using them to test the purification stains.

This is a step in the right direction as the team at the institute continue to inch closer to finding a cure for spinal injury through their research. For more on the clinical trial or to express your interest in funding or partnering with the foundation contact us today at


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